Exciting new PhD funding opportunity on PPPs

The EQUIPPPS network has secured funding for a three-year, full-time PhD starting September 2018. The project will examine the role of NGOs in Public Private Partnerships, across housing, education and health. It will be supervised by Dr Elisa van Waeyenberge, and co-supervised by Dr Jasmine Gideon and Prof Elaine Unterhalter. 

This project aims to develop a comparative analysis of the implications of NGO involvement within the PPP nexus bearing on the delivery of essential services (housing, health and education), with particular attention to intersections of gender, poverty and ethnicity in their policies and practices.

It seeks to do this by developing a typology and examine the role of NGOs in PPPs in three sectors - health, education and housing in selected countries. This entails:
(i) to map NGOs working across housing, education and health at local, national and international levels
(ii) to select 3 NGOs for comparative case study
(iii) to conduct an in-depth qualitative case study analysis of their engagement with PPPs, paying particular attention to the rationales developed, the flows of money, skills and information, the form and substance of organisational relationship and decision making, and the ways in which aspects of social division – gender, poverty, ethnicity – affect their policies and practices.

Find out more about the PhD and how to apply here