Other Resources


Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) Rhodes University
Carries out research in Social Policy and the Economy in the Eastern Cape

The Public Services International Research Unit, University of Greenwich
Examines the social, economic and political aspects of privatisation and liberalisation in water, energy, waste management, health care and social care

The London International Development Centre, Bloomsbury Colleges
Facilitates interdisciplinary research and training to tackle complex problems in international development

The International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy
Promotes political economy through critical and constructive engagement with mainstream economics, heterodox alternatives, interdisciplinarity, and activism

Development Studies Association
Society and professional body for academic teaching and research, policy and practice in the field of international development

The International Association for Feminist Economics
A non-profit organisation that seeks to advance feminist inquiry of economic issues and to educate economists and others on feminist points of view on economic issues

The Comparative Education Society in Europe
A non-profit association which promotes a space for dialogue amongst scholars, specialists and young researchers from the field of education and other disciplines

The Education and Development Forum
Provides a pro-active forum for universities, non-governmental organisations, consultancy groups and professional associations to share ideas, knowledge and expertise

Analysing the emergence and evolution of PPP policies globally, as well as its enactment and impact in a sample of countries of the Latin-American region

Bretton Woods Project
Focuses on the World Bank and the IMF to challenge their power and open space for civil society and social movements to contribute to the development of policies that are gender transformative, equitable, environmentally sustainable and consistent with international human rights norms

A network of 47 civil society organisations (CSOs) from 20 European countries, which works for transformative yet specific changes to global and European policies, institutions, rules and structures to ensure a democratically controlled, environmentally sustainable financial and economic system that works to eradicate poverty and ensure human rights for all

The Heinrich Böll Foundation
A foundation, closely affiiliated with the German Green Party: promoting green visions and projects, a think tank for policy reforms, and an international network

Right to Education
A global human rights organisation focusing on the right to education. It was re-launched in 2008 as the 'Right to Education Project', a collaborative initiative supported by ActionAid InternationalAmnesty InternationalGlobal Campaign for EducationSave the Children and Human Rights Watch.


Nancy Alexander, Heinrich Böll Foundation
Director of the Economic Governance Program, which focuses on how global power shifts - from the "West to the rest" - affect the ways in which citizens and policy-makers can democratize decision-making, create jobs, and promote sustainable and equitable development

Unite for Quality Education
A campaign of Education International (EI), working in partnership with organisations of parents, students and others, supporting better provision for quality education. Read the stories of their achievements and successes in the blog.