Public Private Schooling Symposium

Public Private Schooling Symposium

Seminar Room 1 , CPUT Mowbray campus , 7700 Cape Town
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Improving the quality of education is a key imperative in South Africa. National and global assessments point to the challenges of providing efficient and equitable quality education for all. Presently, questions about how to deliver good public schooling to especially the most poor and marginalised in society call attention to the role of the private sector and public-private partnerships to enhance access to quality education.

In the second in a series of public symposia, the University of Cape Town and the Centre for International Teacher Education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, together with the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at Rhodes University have partnered to arrange a public scholarship event, where researchers, key experts and role players can share their perspectives, insights and experiences with a broader audience. This second symposium takes as its point of departure the debates generated around the issue of privatisation in education and the insights gained from the first event in April 2017, where scholars and practitioners in the field in South Africa came together on this topic.

The intention of the symposium is to provide an opportunity to better understand and contrast views and positions on the role of public-private partnerships in securing quality public education. An overarching question examined is in what ways the globalizing agenda of PPPs (including in its local variations) influence the state’s ability to provide public goods that promote greater equality and equity.

Speakers at this event will include Prof Robbie van Niekerk (Matthew Goniwe Chair in Social Policy and head of the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University), Prof Yusuf Sayed (SARCHi Chair in Teacher Education) and Prof Elaine Unterhalter (Institute for Education, University College London)

Please join us as part of the audience to enrich public dialogue about public-private partnerships.

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Details of the programme can be found on the CITE Facebook page.